Agfarm provide global grain intelligence, strong marketing expertise and an innovative range of products and services, that can work for you in the long term, to keep you in farming for generations to come.

Backed by Nutrien Ag Solutions and CHS Inc, a farmer owned co-operative, AgFarm has a core commitment to helping our customers grow their businesses, improving their returns and delivering exceptional customer service, year on year.

Agfarm‘s finance products include Agfarm Accelerate which provides a line of credit for all your cropping inputs through registered Nutrien Ag Solutions stores such as Platinum Ag Services. You can fully fund all inputs including seed, fertiliser, chemicals, fuel and lubricants, land lease payments, crop insurance and water. With low fees and a competitive interest rate Agfarm Accelerate is an attractive option used by a growing number of Broadacre croppers each year.

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